What Documents Do You Need to Get Married in Spain?

Couple signing wedding documents after marriage ceremony

Documents Needed to Get Married in Spain

Spain is one country that welcomes foreigners to get married in the country, with ample love and warmth although they’d prefer if one of the couples was Spanish and resided in the country at least two years before getting married.

However, barring that, there are certain documents that a foreigner willing to get married in Spain should have to submit, details of which will be given below.

There are three types of marriages which take place in Spain, namely:

  • Civil Marriage – Whereby couples can legally marry in Spain minus the religious aspect. This allows the couple right to – property, pensions, inheritance as well as adoption.
  • Civil Partnership – Providing recognition and acceptance of a civil union between a gay couple.
  • Religious Marriage – Whereby Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jewish as well as Protestant marriages are celebrated in Spain minus the requirement of a second civil marriage.

Documents required for a religious type of marriage is as follows:

  • When one opts to marry as per the religious customs, they will have to acquire the authorization of Civil Authorities (only for Jewish, Islamic and Protestant marriages).
  • When one opts for a Catholic marriage, the following documents are necessary:
  1. A long-form birth certificate which has been notarized by a Spanish translation.
  2. A Baptismal certificate which needs to be issued at least six months prior to the wedding and needs to be authenticated by a Bishopric. A Spanish translation will have to be attached.
  3. Proof which shows that both parties are free to get married.

Other than these, you’ll also need:

  1. Valid passport along with four photocopies of the same
  2. Certificate of marital status
  3. Certificate of No-Impediment
  4. Divorce Degrees (if applicable)
  5. Spanish Town Hall Registration Certificate
  6. Extranieria Application Form