Stargazing at the Best Observatories in Spain

Teide observatory

Observatories in Spain

The notion of stargazing and astrotourism has always struck science buffs around the world with awe and amazement.

With increasing levels of light and air pollution, it has become tough for the skywatchers to find a clear night sky. In this time of distress, Spain has provided some relief by offering some of the best sites to marvel at the sky at night.

Owing to its suitable weather conditions along with a considerable number of light pollution-free zones, Spain has become the favorite choice of amateur astronomers to gaze at the night sky.

Enjoy your days gazing at the mesmerizing celestial bodies under the crystal-clear night sky from some of the best observatories in Spain.

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

Sierra Nevada Astronomy Observatory

It is considered as one of the best stargazing reserves in the country due to its clean and glare-free environment. Distant from the urban settlement, it is located at Loma De Dilar in the province of Granada, Spain, at an altitude of 2,896 m.

The various sized telescopes in the observatory promise for a night full of astronomical wonders.

German-Spanish Astronomical Centre at Calar Alto (CAHA)

The Calar Alto observatory is located in the Almeria province in Spain at the height of 2,168 m in Sierra de Los Filabres mountain range. With its perfect climate and non-existent light pollution, it is one of the elite spots for astronomical observations and astrophotography for numerous sky watchers.

Andalusia Astronomy Observatory

It is located in La Pedriza, Spain, and is considered as a perfect site to experience the astronomical wonders by many. The observatory is established by the collaboration of the Einstein Observatory Society and the Alcala la Real Town Hall.

Due to several efforts made by the officials to maintain the clarity of the sky at night, it has earned its reputation as an institute indulged in not only Astrotourism but also teaching astronomy in a short period.

Capilerilla Astronomy Observatory

It is a Swedish established observatory established in the La Taha region in the province of Granada, Spain. The observatory offers three of its telescopes for public use, along with functioning as a teaching institute. With its suitable year-round weather and clear sky, it is no less than a paradise for astronomy enthusiasts.

El Torcal Astronomy Observatory

Located in the Malaga province in Spain, this observatory marks for the best vantage point for everyone, including professional astronomers to novice stargazers to enjoy the nocturnal spectacles all around the year.

Apart from acting as an observatory for tourists, it also conducts cutting edge research and planetarium sessions regularly.

Astronomical Observatory

Final Words

Spain owing to its non-existent air and light pollution, the crystal-clear night sky, and low humidity for most of the year function as an ideal location for stargazers all around the world to get a front-seat view of the universe.

These observatories account for some of the best observatories in Spain if you wish to drown in the black void of the night sky among millions of sparkling stars all around you.

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