The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

Souvenir Gift Shop in the Alcaiceria market in Granada

Some of The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

When you visit various places in Spain, you want to get some memoir to remember your trip. Granada is one of the most touristy places in Spain. The many squares and streets of Granada have different shops that cover the culture and heritage of Spain.

Many people like shopping from these markets on the streets of Granada. Some people buy for themselves. Others want to take souvenirs for their loved ones.

Thus, taking gifts from Granada, Spain, would be an excellent idea because of the presence of the local market. Different tips can be taken into consideration before buying gifts from Granada, Spain.

Souvenir and gift shop in granada

The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

Herbal Teas

One of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, can be the famous Herbal Teas. The teas that can be gifted can be from a local vendor with the classic flavor, or you can go for the fruit-flavored teas that are a bit fancy. This gift would neither be very expensive nor very heavy on your baggage. The most famous and well-known tea of Granada is the Moroccan Mint Tea.

Local tea that is known widely is the Orange Blossom, which is taken by people in Spain because of its calming and soothing properties. The best shops from where tea can be purchased are Reyes Catolicos, San Anton, and Caldereria Nueva.

Local Olive Oil

Another good gift that can be given is the local olive oil that is available in the markets of Granada. Olive oil can be used for cooking, hair, and body massage. Olive oil is very healthy for your diet because the cholesterol is very less in that oil.

Olive oil can be purchased at any local vendor or supermarket or a delicatessen. The best nearby shops in Granada from where olive oil can be bought are Jaen or Priego de Cordoba.

Confectionery Products

The confectionery products available in the market can be some of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, that can be bought for your loved ones. The chocolates, biscuits, and cakes from Granada are very famous and well-known delicacies of Spain. The best shops for confectionary in Granada are in Abuela Ili.

Local produce from the place is used by local makers to make the base for chocolates, biscuits, and cakes. Individual villages are famous for different confectionery and dairy products for different occasions, be it Easter, Christmas, or any other fiestas that might be celebrated in Granada.

The best bakery products and chocolates can be purchased in Granada from Tahoma de Los Galindos or from the many Pastelerias that are open in the town.


The wine collection of Granada is another exquisite product that can be given as a gift. This wine range is known throughout the world.

Different varieties of wine such as Red wine, white wine, sweet wine, and sparkling wines are available in the markets of Granada and Andalucía and some of the most excellent bodegas in the country. The two brands of wines that have been awarded for the best quality of wines that they produce are Señorio de Nevada and Pago de Almares.

The white wines of Granada that are recommended the most are Mencal and Calvente. The wines can be purchased either from a supermarket or from the selection that is available at the airport.


Spanish hams

Some of the food items that can be taken home are Spanish hams that are also known as Jamon Iberico or Jamon Serrano, local cheese, and some other gourmet products. These items will be vacuum-packed, and thus, they won’t go wrong even if you have to travel for long.

Colorful scarfs and hand-fans can also be taken as gifts from Granada, Spain. Andalucía is known for its art and craft, and that is used in designing in these products that are sold in the local markets of Granada.

The scarfs would last for long, and their embroidery designs make them look incredibly beautiful. The price range for scarfs and fans vary according to the artistry and fabric that was required to make them.

Wickerwork and Baskets

Granada is also known for the wickerwork and baskets that are sold in the local markets. The local craftsmen use the local materials that are available in the city and the villages. The Alpujarra region is known for its Jarapas, which are beautiful rugs. The rugs are colored and exquisite because every design available for the rug is different and unique.

A brilliant idea for a gift from Granada, Spain, would be the Spanish tablecloths. The embroidery on the tablecloths is very detailed, and the designs are intricate and beautiful. Thus, Spanish tablecloths are an excellent idea for long-lasting gifts.

The best place to buy Jarapa rugs would be Lanjaron or Pampaneira. Baskets can be purchased from Lanjaron and at Esparteria. To buy the best table cloths that are available in the market, Linde on Puentezuelas can be chosen as the place to go.

Ideas from Bookshops

Gift souvenir shop within the boundary of the Alhambra Palace

When you look for gifts, books are always the best purchases to go for.

The Libreria de la Alhambra is a bookshop in Alhambra that has many different ideas for the perfect gift. If you are buying something for children, toys are the way to go.

Cuddly toys such as The Toy Lions that imitate lions of the fountina that is present in Nazrid palace. You can also take a look at the website. There you’ll find some excellent gift ideas for children and teenagers!

Different books in several languages are available in the bookshop. The books are from various genres, be it history or stories for both children and adults. These can be purchased from the shop in Plaza Nueva and Carlos V palace at Alhambra.

Beauty Treatments

Granada markets are also famous for various beauty treatments that are made by the local shop owners. The renowned beauty products include creams and soaps that are made out of natural ingredients such as local honey, local olive oil, and donkey milk. These products can be bought from the gift shops of museums and other souvenir shops in Granada.


Pottery is one of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, that can be bought for your friends and family. They have been made from wood, shells, and bones, and the design and shape of the pottery is classic and beautiful.

The decorative boxes called the marquetry boxes are also very intricately designed, and their craftsmanship is commendable. Local pottery can be purchased in Granada from Plaza de la Pescaderia.