Attend a Football Match in Seville

soccer player of Sevilla FC at the Sanchez Pizjuan stadium

Football in Seville

If you’re a football fanatic, who is on a visit to Seville, you’d want to attend a football match in Seville, where the two local home teams play every week while there is the season of play. It is usually considered a surreal experience and especially if you are fortunate enough to catch Sevilla FC, which is Andalusia’s most successful team fight it out against another equally formidable opponent.

Before you decide to visit Andalusia and catch a glimpse of the Sevilla Futbol Club in action, you might want to know a little about the team and their history. It was founded in the year 1890 in January on Burns Night.

Often referred to as the Rjoiblancos (thanks to the ‘reds and whites’ of their kit), have since then grown to become Andalusia’s most successful team, having an array of victories and stories of success to their name.

football fans in the stadium

Some of these success stories include – the Spanish Super Cup of the year 2007, a total of five UEFA Cups (the years – 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, and 2016) as well as a UEFA Super Cup in the year 2006.

Ever since it made its presence felt in the La Liga, the Rjoiblancos have played in all of Spain’s Premier League, barring seven seasons. Any team which is visiting and tries to take on them in Seville would surely have their task cut out for themselves.

If you want to attend a football match in Seville, you might want to gather a little information on their stadium as well. It dates back to 1958, when Sevilla FC’s home ground, which is the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium.

The stadium was said to have a capacity to occupy 77,000 people back in the mid-70s, but the FIFA regulations needed the standing areas to transform into seating areas, which is why it resulted in the present day’s capacity of a little fewer than 43,000. However, its comparatively small size ensures that even if you are seated in the highest rows, you not only get a great pitch view but also enjoy a close match with fellow football lovers!

The supporters of Sevilla FC are referred to as the Palanganas, and those followers who place themselves behind the south and north goals, usually lead with singing and chanting, which is why you might enjoy sitting there.

The best part is, you can bring your food and drinks to the stadium. The stadium is usually manned by staff members who are extremely courteous and helpful, which an essential advantage because locating seats can be a tough task.

It is also possible to buy soccer apparel around the numerous shops in and around the stadium. It may happen that you can’t find what you are looking for. You can then visit the website of This Is American Soccer and purchase whatever it is that you need on there!

Keep in mind that if you’re visiting the stadium with children or the elderly, you might have to sit towards a row’s end because it is easier to move about, as there is very little space to move about between the rows of seats.

Stadium Molinon after the start of the football match

The location of the Sevilla home ground is in the Nervión – on a specific road called the Calle Sevilla Fútbol Club). This location has bars and restaurants all around it, where you can hope to have a gala time in celebration of the home team’s victory after a match. You can try out the Casa Pulido, which is a cozy and traditional tapas joint, that is well known for the chicken dishes.

Another good option would be the Meson El Pasiego, which is recommended by many locals and is often considered the best bar in town! The other alternative would be the historic town of Seville, which is at a 20-min walking distance and has loads of partying, eating, and drinking joints.

The matches fought between Sevilla FC and their other home team – Real Betis, often considered one of the greatest matches in the Spanish football league, so you might want to consider catching that.

Obtaining tickets won’t be that difficult, because there are home matches played every week. You could check out online through the Sevilla FC. However, fixtures are only available a week before the match to be played. Prices of the tickets vary, but procuring them isn’t very difficult.

Stargazing at the Best Observatories in Spain

Teide observatory

Observatories in Spain

The notion of stargazing and astrotourism has always struck science buffs around the world with awe and amazement.

With increasing levels of light and air pollution, it has become tough for the skywatchers to find a clear night sky. In this time of distress, Spain has provided some relief by offering some of the best sites to marvel at the sky at night.

Owing to its suitable weather conditions along with a considerable number of light pollution-free zones, Spain has become the favorite choice of amateur astronomers to gaze at the night sky.

Enjoy your days gazing at the mesmerizing celestial bodies under the crystal-clear night sky from some of the best observatories in Spain.

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

Sierra Nevada Astronomy Observatory

It is considered as one of the best stargazing reserves in the country due to its clean and glare-free environment. Distant from the urban settlement, it is located at Loma De Dilar in the province of Granada, Spain, at an altitude of 2,896 m.

The various sized telescopes in the observatory promise for a night full of astronomical wonders.

German-Spanish Astronomical Centre at Calar Alto (CAHA)

The Calar Alto observatory is located in the Almeria province in Spain at the height of 2,168 m in Sierra de Los Filabres mountain range. With its perfect climate and non-existent light pollution, it is one of the elite spots for astronomical observations and astrophotography for numerous sky watchers.

Andalusia Astronomy Observatory

It is located in La Pedriza, Spain, and is considered as a perfect site to experience the astronomical wonders by many. The observatory is established by the collaboration of the Einstein Observatory Society and the Alcala la Real Town Hall.

Due to several efforts made by the officials to maintain the clarity of the sky at night, it has earned its reputation as an institute indulged in not only Astrotourism but also teaching astronomy in a short period.

Capilerilla Astronomy Observatory

It is a Swedish established observatory established in the La Taha region in the province of Granada, Spain. The observatory offers three of its telescopes for public use, along with functioning as a teaching institute. With its suitable year-round weather and clear sky, it is no less than a paradise for astronomy enthusiasts.

El Torcal Astronomy Observatory

Located in the Malaga province in Spain, this observatory marks for the best vantage point for everyone, including professional astronomers to novice stargazers to enjoy the nocturnal spectacles all around the year.

Apart from acting as an observatory for tourists, it also conducts cutting edge research and planetarium sessions regularly.

Astronomical Observatory

Final Words

Spain owing to its non-existent air and light pollution, the crystal-clear night sky, and low humidity for most of the year function as an ideal location for stargazers all around the world to get a front-seat view of the universe.

These observatories account for some of the best observatories in Spain if you wish to drown in the black void of the night sky among millions of sparkling stars all around you.

If that is not enough, you can always buy yourself a telescope and stargaze in the nightly hours. Browse to ExoplanetScience and see if they have something suitable for your needs!

Getting Married in Andalucía

Celebrations at a wedding in a village in Andalucia

Why Should You Get Married in Andalucía?

Getting married is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be unique and romantic. You want it to be one of those days that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. People go to all ends to make this occasion special. Finding the perfect wedding dresses, date, venue, cake, catering service, etc. all are a part of shaping the wedding perfectly.

The place where you get married should be something you have dreamed of all your life. This place should be exceptional, and these days, the trend for a destination wedding is becoming very popular. Any couple that can afford a fancy wedding is trying to find the perfect destination abroad for their special day.

Choosing the Best Place for Your Wedding

While choosing the place where you want to get married, you need to look out for some key factors before finalizing the location. The climate of the place, the facilities, and views it offers, your budget, the quality and time balance, all of these things have to be taken into account before choosing the place.

Thus, Spain is considered to be the perfect place to have a wedding ceremony. In Spain, when you look for the best place, getting married in Andalucía comes out as an excellent option. Andalucía is a great place to get married, and there several reasons that make it so.

bride and groom posing for wedding photographs

Why is Andalucía the Best Location for a Wedding?

The best part about getting married in Andalucía would be its climate. The temperature in Andalucía is extremely well-timed and suitable. It is sunny for most of the year. During the summer and spring seasons, the weather stays between 25°C to 45°C and even when if it goes high, the climate is always pleasant. It is never humid, and the cool breeze is blowing at all times during the day.

During winters too, the weather never goes below 10°C, and thus, people wanting a winter wedding can also choose Andalucía as no extreme dropping in the temperature can be expected. However, most of the people love a sunny wedding and thus choosing Andalucía for the spring or summer season will give you an unforgivable and beautiful wedding.

The views and surroundings of the wedding will be great if you choose Andalucía for the wedding. There are exotic and picturesque villages, old but beautiful architectural sites, and beautiful nature parks, which would make amazing venues for the wedding ceremony.

Even a beach wedding can be chosen because the beaches of Andalucía are secluded and the wedding can be performed with peace away from the crowd. The serenity and natural beauty of Andalucía will help in making breath-taking wedding venues.

The budget for a wedding is a significant concern. A lot of money can go away in the planning of a successful wedding. However, getting married in Southern Spain, in Andalucía, is extremely affordable. It is not like only rich people can afford to marry in Andalucía. On top of that, if you buy your wedding gifts for the couple at, you’ll save even more money!

Couples living a healthy livelihood can also choose Andalucía to get married and have an enjoyable and memorable experience. The wedding can be a fantastic break for not only the bride and the groom but also the guests. Away from the crowd, in a peaceful environment, getting married in Andalucía can be made a magical experience.

Everything About the Weather of Andalucía

town of carmona region of andalucia

Andalucía has become one of the favorite spots of visit for people to visit in Spain. It has exquisite art, architecture, and culture that has been derived from the old 19th-century Moorish civilization.

The villages present there are exotic and beautiful with narrow streets with ruins of castles from old age. There are many secluded, clean, and beautiful beaches in Andalucía, which have golden dunes and water sports that can be enjoyed by tourists.

Thus, before going to Andalucía, a person would like to know the Andalucía weather so that one can find the best time to visit the place.

Rainbow view in Comares

Andalucía Weather

In the country of Spain in Europe, Andalucía lies far down in the south. The climate of Andalucía is beautiful and extremely favorable for tourists as it receives sunshine for around 3000 hours throughout the year.

The variation in temperature is pretty significant to choose the most suitable time of year to visit Andalucía. It can go as low as 15°C in February and as high as 40°C in August. If you want to visit any place, choosing the best season to visit is essential.

Thus, the weather conditions of every season should be studied before planning a trip to Andalucía.

Spring and Summer Season in Andalucía

In the spring season, the temperature range varies between 15°C to 20°C. The climate is generally pleasant, warm, and there is a breeze flowing in the air. A healthy tan can be attained on visiting Andalucía in the spring season because it is adequately and gloriously hot, and it is the best time to visit.

The average temperature during the summers is 30°C and the sun is guaranteed on almost all days. Even if the temperature near Ronda goes as high as 35°C, it never becomes humid. The climate is still pleasant, with a breeze blowing all the time.

In historical cities like Granada, Cordoba, and Seville, the temperature can go upto 45°C during the day, but at night it cools down, and the weather is never unpleasant.

Autumn and Winter Season in Andalucía

The autumn season can be the perfect season to visit Andalucía. The temperature can go near to 25°C in September, and the weather is gorgeous. Towards the autumn end, showers can come down.

In winters, while generally most of the countries of Europe become very cold, Andalucía doesn’t go below 10°C. Thus, it is never extremely cold, and the temperature stays between 10-15°C.

It is a bit cold only after the sun goes down while during the day, wearing only a short-sleeved t-shirt would be enough.

The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

Souvenir Gift Shop in the Alcaiceria market in Granada

Some of The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

When you visit various places in Spain, you want to get some memoir to remember your trip. Granada is one of the most touristy places in Spain. The many squares and streets of Granada have different shops that cover the culture and heritage of Spain.

Many people like shopping from these markets on the streets of Granada. Some people buy for themselves. Others want to take souvenirs for their loved ones.

Thus, taking gifts from Granada, Spain, would be an excellent idea because of the presence of the local market. Different tips can be taken into consideration before buying gifts from Granada, Spain.

Souvenir and gift shop in granada

The Best Gifts from Granada, Spain

Herbal Teas

One of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, can be the famous Herbal Teas. The teas that can be gifted can be from a local vendor with the classic flavor, or you can go for the fruit-flavored teas that are a bit fancy. This gift would neither be very expensive nor very heavy on your baggage. The most famous and well-known tea of Granada is the Moroccan Mint Tea.

Local tea that is known widely is the Orange Blossom, which is taken by people in Spain because of its calming and soothing properties. The best shops from where tea can be purchased are Reyes Catolicos, San Anton, and Caldereria Nueva.

Local Olive Oil

Another good gift that can be given is the local olive oil that is available in the markets of Granada. Olive oil can be used for cooking, hair, and body massage. Olive oil is very healthy for your diet because the cholesterol is very less in that oil.

Olive oil can be purchased at any local vendor or supermarket or a delicatessen. The best nearby shops in Granada from where olive oil can be bought are Jaen or Priego de Cordoba.

Confectionery Products

The confectionery products available in the market can be some of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, that can be bought for your loved ones. The chocolates, biscuits, and cakes from Granada are very famous and well-known delicacies of Spain. The best shops for confectionary in Granada are in Abuela Ili.

Local produce from the place is used by local makers to make the base for chocolates, biscuits, and cakes. Individual villages are famous for different confectionery and dairy products for different occasions, be it Easter, Christmas, or any other fiestas that might be celebrated in Granada.

The best bakery products and chocolates can be purchased in Granada from Tahoma de Los Galindos or from the many Pastelerias that are open in the town.


The wine collection of Granada is another exquisite product that can be given as a gift. This wine range is known throughout the world.

Different varieties of wine such as Red wine, white wine, sweet wine, and sparkling wines are available in the markets of Granada and Andalucía and some of the most excellent bodegas in the country. The two brands of wines that have been awarded for the best quality of wines that they produce are Señorio de Nevada and Pago de Almares.

The white wines of Granada that are recommended the most are Mencal and Calvente. The wines can be purchased either from a supermarket or from the selection that is available at the airport.


Spanish hams

Some of the food items that can be taken home are Spanish hams that are also known as Jamon Iberico or Jamon Serrano, local cheese, and some other gourmet products. These items will be vacuum-packed, and thus, they won’t go wrong even if you have to travel for long.

Colorful scarfs and hand-fans can also be taken as gifts from Granada, Spain. Andalucía is known for its art and craft, and that is used in designing in these products that are sold in the local markets of Granada.

The scarfs would last for long, and their embroidery designs make them look incredibly beautiful. The price range for scarfs and fans vary according to the artistry and fabric that was required to make them.

Wickerwork and Baskets

Granada is also known for the wickerwork and baskets that are sold in the local markets. The local craftsmen use the local materials that are available in the city and the villages. The Alpujarra region is known for its Jarapas, which are beautiful rugs. The rugs are colored and exquisite because every design available for the rug is different and unique.

A brilliant idea for a gift from Granada, Spain, would be the Spanish tablecloths. The embroidery on the tablecloths is very detailed, and the designs are intricate and beautiful. Thus, Spanish tablecloths are an excellent idea for long-lasting gifts.

The best place to buy Jarapa rugs would be Lanjaron or Pampaneira. Baskets can be purchased from Lanjaron and at Esparteria. To buy the best table cloths that are available in the market, Linde on Puentezuelas can be chosen as the place to go.

Ideas from Bookshops

Gift souvenir shop within the boundary of the Alhambra Palace

When you look for gifts, books are always the best purchases to go for.

The Libreria de la Alhambra is a bookshop in Alhambra that has many different ideas for the perfect gift. If you are buying something for children, toys are the way to go.

Cuddly toys such as The Toy Lions that imitate lions of the fountina that is present in Nazrid palace. You can also take a look at the website. There you’ll find some excellent gift ideas for children and teenagers!

Different books in several languages are available in the bookshop. The books are from various genres, be it history or stories for both children and adults. These can be purchased from the shop in Plaza Nueva and Carlos V palace at Alhambra.

Beauty Treatments

Granada markets are also famous for various beauty treatments that are made by the local shop owners. The renowned beauty products include creams and soaps that are made out of natural ingredients such as local honey, local olive oil, and donkey milk. These products can be bought from the gift shops of museums and other souvenir shops in Granada.


Pottery is one of the best gifts from Granada, Spain, that can be bought for your friends and family. They have been made from wood, shells, and bones, and the design and shape of the pottery is classic and beautiful.

The decorative boxes called the marquetry boxes are also very intricately designed, and their craftsmanship is commendable. Local pottery can be purchased in Granada from Plaza de la Pescaderia.

5 Hidden Highlights of Andalucía

The Alhambra Palace at sunset

Highlights of Andalucía

Andalucía is one of the most beautiful and appealing places in Spain. The place is filled and famed for having flamencos, fabulous fiestas, and fierce bullfights. If one wants to visit Andalucía, you should know what all to look out for.

There are many different highlights of Andalucía which people can visit to have a great time, and in this article, five hidden highlights of Andalucía will be discussed.

The fantastic five amazing highlights of Andalucía are:

1. Rich and Modern Art Scenario in Andalucía

Andalucía is a home for beautiful and exotic architecture. The sites are amazing wonders to visit. Some of the most artistic and aesthetic places to visit are Alcazar of Seville, Alhambra of Granada, and the arches of Córdoba’s Mezquita. The art and architecture of Andalucía is both modern and unique.

Sleekest center to venture into the Spanish culture is Málaga. Málaga has seen a massive transformation from just an ordinary drab airport hub. The investment in this place has been tremendous, with loads of money being pumped to make it a place of the fantastic artistic center of Andalucía.

The millions of euros that were put in designing the place have been well used, and the display is absolutely stunning.

One of the the specialties in Andalucía is the pop-up Pompidou. This is a new and impressive waterfront building. The multi-colored glass cube toped on the building is like the cherry on the cake.

Some of the other places to visit and admire are the State Russia Museum Collection, and the SOHO district, which, has been transformed beautifully as it has several creative street-art canvases displayed openly.

2. The Scenic Hilltop Village

Olive groves in Zuheros

The scenic hilltop village is one of the five hidden highlights of Andalucía and a place to be explored. The towns of Andalucía are spectacular sites to die for, and people would have a soothing and peaceful experience.

One of the most quintessential White Villages of Andalucía is Zuheros. There are steep limestone cliffs where several white houses are scattered, all of which lie under the castle, which has been carved out of a rock. Segura de la Sierra in Cazorla Natural Park is a remarkable settlement which has been set high above olive groves.

Streets are very narrow, which are a symbol of Andalucía’s Moorish past. Another impressive White Hill situated in Andalucía is Zahara de la Sierra. In this village, there are two churches between which a street lies, which is filled with rows of Orange trees.

This complete view is exceptionally enchanting and lies beneath the 12th Century establishment of the Moorish Castle. Now all that is there are the impending remains of this old castle, but it is still a scenic beauty.

3. The Food Revolution in Andalucía

Andalucía has always had an amazingly broad and delicious array of food chains and establishments. There are several headline-grabbing restaurants in Spain where world-renowned chefs work to provide high-end multi-cuisines to people from all around the world.

However, in this field, Andalucía has always lagged behind a little. But this is changing slowly, and a food revolution is on the rise in Andalucía, the home of tapas.

Córdoba’s Mercado Victoria has kicked off several gastro-markets in Andalucía. Beautiful food classics such as jamón ibérico, oysters, and Argentinian Steak are now available on the streets of the 19th-century civilization of Andalucía.

The city of Córdoba has seen a change in the tide ever since this Michelin-starred restaurant called Choco by Kisko García was opened. Several famous chefs such as Dani García and Ángel León have joined García in leading the food revolution in Andalucía.

While these chefs are focusing on revolutionizing the savory side of food, the sweet side has been enriched by the famous ice-cream whizz Joaquín Lira in Seville. He has been working on different flavors that emphasize the beauty and identity of Spain.

His Seville-based shop is hard to pass by without entering and buying one of his mouth-watering creations, one of the most famous ones being the vinegar-infused ice-cream.

4. Moorish Hammam

Arab Baths in the Alhambra Castle Palace

Moorish heritage of Andalucía has handed down art, architecture, cuisine, beautiful, and exotic villages. Along with this, the traditional hammams are great places to relax and have an enjoyable time.

The Hammam Al Ándalus baths of Andalucía are semi-dark places that follow the Moorish culture in which people spend hours, soaking and lying around in spas that supply hot, cool, and icy pools alternately. Mint tea is also provided during the baths so that people have an incredibly comfortable and relaxing time.

The oldest Arabic bath in Spain is in Granada. The spas in Málaga and Córdoba have domes with star-shaped carvings through which daylight can enter. This experience can also be achieved when you visit a teterías, which are Moroccan tea-houses.

Granada’s Albaicín has streets in the form of mazes. These streets are filled with rows of teterías where people can go for having a relaxing and magical time. The teterías are hazed with small mirrors that form a serene environment to sit around and sip mint tea and eat delicious and sweet delicacies.

5. Near-Deserted Beaches

The coastline of Andalucía covers 600 miles, which are covered with sand. The beaches of Andalucía are nearly secluded and far away from the extremely crowded resorts of the Costa del Sol. Most of these beaches are difficult to reach by using any means of transport.

As one has to walk long distances to reach these beaches, these beaches of Playa Mónsul in Cabo de Gata Natural Park and Media Luna Cove are not at all crowded and incredibly clean and blissful. At some of these nearly-deserted beaches, such as Tarifa, windsurfing, and kitesurfing, can be done.

The beaches of Andalucía are broad, windswept, and one can rest comfortably there while looking at the hazy views of the beautiful city of Morocco that lies across the water. Bolonia has one of the best beaches in Andalucía.

It is a tiny settlement, and the beach sand is lined up with tall and beautiful trees of the pine forests. The sand is full of golden dunes, and this little establishment also has the ruins of the Roman settlement of Baelo Claudia.

There is another beautiful and secluded beach called Playa Cuesta de Maneli that lies in the west of Andalucía, and its sands are fringed with many golden dunes. Thus, these beaches are some of the five hidden highlights of Andalucía.